Asylum Relapse : A tale of four worlds (a taster)

by Patrick Q Wright : Special guests Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel

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    NB. If you are interested in the instrumental piece we are using to open the Amanda Palmer / Edward Ka-Spel set you can find it featured on my Bandcamp CD "Unfinished Sympathy : Music for Unmade Films"

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30 years after co-writing and recording "Asylum" on my 7 and a half track home studio, I decided to write and record a selection of new tracks extending some of the themes and also revisiting a few old tracks that I felt could benefit from a bit of higher fidelity.
Edward has been his usual amazingly supportive self and Amanda delighted and surprised me by offering to put her unique voice on a backing track I'd sent to Edward while recording "Spin a Rainbow".
There will also be plenty of other special guests with beautiful and unique talents including Michelle Rainone and Pino Siciliano.
Edward's voice will be featured on some of the other new tracks in development now and I will be revisiting "I am the way" and "Golden Dawn".
A special limited edition physical release is planned for the late fall on This will include a special booklet, original art and photos from the archives as well as a whole new selection of previously unreleased related curiosities from the distant past and present.


releases October 4, 2017

Special Guests : Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel
All music and arrangements : Patrick Q Wright
Michelle Rainone : Backing and lead vocals
Pino Siciliano : Guitar
Mr Y : Oboe (also know as Mr y did we loose contact)
Paola Barbero : Backing vocals

Artwork : Michelle Rainone



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